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Doing your own makeup for your Wedding Day?

We find ourselves living in a time where brides are having to do their own hair and makeup. Some brides might find this very daunting and not sure where to even begin, BUT don't worry we are here to help...

There are so many things to consider when it comes to getting that radiant bridal glow every bride wants to achieve on her special day. I was recently asked by weddings on line to collaborate with them along with other makeup artists around the country to bring you some tips and tricks to remember leading up to the Big Day.

Below is the full version of my PREP AND PRIME tips and you will also find an abstract version featured in the weddings online blog Expert Tips for Brides Doing their own Makeup along with the other makeup artists tips for brides having to do their own makeup.

I really hope you find this helps and feel free to contact me with any questions as I'm happy to help.

One of my main tips when it comes to bridal is a combination of two words PREP + PRIME.

Up first is PREP,

Makeup is a magical thing however it can only do so much, therefore we need to do some work on the lead up to the big day to get that radiant bridal glow that we all want and create a smooth, hydrated canvas before our makeup application. You have probably heard this over and over, but here it is again. Drink loads of water, start now it's never too late, and here's a little tip, if you drink 3 liters of water a day at least two weeks before the big day you will see a vast improvement. You really want your skin to glow from within so I recommend you to up your skincare game. Hydrated skin gives that perfect canvas for your foundation and also provides overall longevity for your bridal glam. Don't forget your best friend SPF and to use this on a daily basis.

Another tip to remember, do not try anything new on the skin too close to the big day, the last thing you need to be worrying about is a breakout or a bad reaction to the skin. There is so much help out there when it comes to your skin and getting advice and what will work best for you and your personal needs. Feel free to check out an older blog Daily Skincare Routine With Ultraceuticals where I have written an in-depth skincare blog answering some of the most commonly asked questions regarding skin. I am a qualified beauty and holistic therapist and I'm more than happy to give you advice and help you wherever I can.

Up next PRIME,

One more step before you get that foundation brush out. Just like you wouldn't paint your nails without applying a base coat you don't want to apply your foundation without using a primer. No matter what type of skin you have, whether you need to mattify, counteract redness, or add radiance, more times than not I would advise a moisturiser before popping on your primer. If you find your skin is very oily or you have an oily T-Zone you can apply your moisturiser the night before. Just like your foundation you need to also choose the correct primer for your skin type.

Priming the skin ~ Think smooth canvas for your foundation and longevity for your overall makeup, without it you're increasing the chances of your makeup creasing and wearing off. Now more than ever we need to take all steps necessary in order to achieve long-lasting makeup as due to Covid 19, we find ourselves wearing masks on the big day. I will just pop in here another MUST DO tip for holding everything in place. When your makeup is all applied your final step should be a spritz of Setting Spray all over the face. My personal favorite is Urban Decays All Nighter. So don't forget to pop on that primer ladies, you won't be sorry.

Now you are ready for the next step, foundation......


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